Traffic Court

Determine if legal representation is right for you. As traffic violations add up, the consequences become more and more severe. The key is to protect your rights after every alleged traffic violation. An experienced defense attorney can vigorously defend you in traffic court or in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles. We protect the rights of drivers who have been given traffic tickets in Washington, D.C.

We can represent you if you face one of the following charges in D.C. traffic court:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)
  • Driving with Revoked or Suspended License
  • Driving without Insurance
  • Drug possession
  • Any other motor vehicle offense
  • Traffic Fines, tickets for HOV Violations or "Hot Lanes?" 

If you decide to fight your traffic violation in traffic court, you want to do more than "just show up" in court and hope for the best or hope that the officer does not show. We will fight hard to help you lower the charges and minimize all potential consequences.  Taking a look at your current situation and previous traffic violations, we will set a defense strategy that is in your best interest. We take the time to analyze the evidence in order to determine the pros and cons of going to court and having a trial. Our firm is familiar with all traffic court matters ranging from driving while intoxicated charges, to driving while suspended or with no insurance, as well as criminal violations such as possession of drugs or assault or harassment cases. 

Whether you are a resident in Washington, D.C., working hard in the District of Columbia, or you were passing through the state, we protect the rights of all drivers who have been issued a traffic violation in D.C. regardless of the myriad of law enforcement agencies in D.C. that might have issued the ticket.

We are often successful in frequently having these charges amended to less serious violations in order to avoid points being assessed or reduced fines or licenses lost.  The government will have a prosecutor to represent its interests in court, will you?  All clients charged should consult with an attorney who is experienced in representing the interests of defendants to insure that your rights are adequately protected.

 We also protect the rights of truck drivers and other people who rely on theirCDL to make a living.

Vigorous and Aggressive Representation with Attention to Your Legal Needs

When you fight your traffic violation today, you are taking steps to protect your future as well. Serving the DC Metro area population, we are prepared to serve clients throughout the traffic courts and DMV offices in Washington, D.C. We have evening and weekend appointments available as well. Contact us today for more information regarding your traffic violation defense.

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