The Employment Law Center

When you have an unpleasant work environment, it stinks! And when you face discipline, harassment, termination, or simply do not get rewarded as you should for hard work, it can really take its toll on a person. There are dozens of federal and state laws that protect workers and employees, but you have to know about them! Your company's "HR Department" does, and has lawyers on their side, do you?

The Pinegar Law Firm specializes in federal employee rights, discrimination in all forms, and mediations/arbitrations with employers. We also represent employees who feel that their employers have exercised an unfair labor practice (ULP) in violation of union protections. But we strive to protect all workers who have a need for a lawyer. In this economy, every fact and every moment counts. Do not give them any reason to get rid of you. Trust us, when your job is on the line -- and it probably is if you are looking at employment law -- now is not the time to take a wait-and-see approach. You must be proactive and immediately talk with a lawyer about your situation.

The Pinegar Law Firm provides a FREE consultation for our new clients to discuss your situation and determine if legal representation is right for you. Please use the CONTACT page above and tell us about your situation. We want to help.